Natalie, Pisces, 19, California
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Pick a dress?

Mwahahaha, sometimes I’m indecisive.

  1. psychologicallyinappropriate said: NOT THE BARNEY
  2. emotional-skyscraper said: I like the shoulder of the purple but the frills of the green. Nice china dolls, by the way. :3
  3. jrdj said: The first one!!
  4. scubacssteve said: What Eric said basically :]
  5. crenshaw said: I like purple, but you look more comfortable in the green.
  6. epilepc said: ooh. i like the lavenderish one. the green(? maybe the camera) is cute too… but what do i know about dresses and women’s fashion. NOTHING lol
  7. chchainsaw said: Omg. Both are adorable.
  8. raycpu94 said: DAT PURPLE DRESS… I like one the most for some reason. That’s just me, though aha.
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