Natalie, Pisces, 19, California

I always wanted a little brother.

Now I have one. Kind of. Not really. He’s adopted “adopted.”

There’s a little (read: approximately the same height as me despite being three years younger) hapa freshman at my school. He really doesn’t look like me aside from his hairstyle, but peopIe believed me when I said he was my little brother. I took him under my wing before I knew that he’s awesome, but now I know that he’s awesome and it makes me wish that I did have a real little brother. Still, that isn’t going to happen, so instead I’ll just be happy that I’ve found a friend who I have little random things in common with. Like being awkward hapa kids and preferring flip-flops to real shoes (those require too much work). He has so many of the same questions that I had as a freshman… it makes me feel old. I used to wonder the same things and ask my older sister, and now I’m answering the same things to my “little brother.”

I’m trying to think of some nice sentiment to end this with, but it’s 2:05 AM and I had a semi-long day, so my creativity is shot. Please forgive any grammatical errors/typos, I’ll edit this in the morning.

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